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We have opened up a branch located in the Winston Salem North Carolina and we hope to bring you superior Winston Salem Construction. Recently we have been expanding out and settled in the Winston Salem, North Carolina area. We have a long history of providing residential construction but now we have decided to expand into the commercial construction business. It was an easy decision for us since so many of our customers have begging us to build their office buildings.

Ken The Contractor

We have been in service for three generations and bringing superior quality construction throughout our entire lifespan. Our founder was originally from the area so we thought it was finally time we moved back home to take control of the Winston Salem construction market. Our company has spent some time in another city and grown into a brand that we can be proud of. That is why we wanted to return home to provide luxury and custom built homes as well as a full arsenal of commercial construction techniques. We have built many homes in the state of Ohio and every single one of them we can be proud of. Being the best construction company Winston Salem NC means that we have a reputation to live up to and we plan on making you proud.

Our vision for Winston Salem

We hope to bring a higher quality of material and skill to the Winston Salem construction scene. When it comes to a house or commercial building being built some companies tend to cut corners to increase their profit margins. Well, that’s not exactly providing superior quality for the customers. This is why we are looking to take less profit on each job in order to bring superior quality and keep our schedule fully booked. We hope to bring a lot value to local charities in order to better further the Winston Salem outreach programs which in turn will better the community.

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