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We have worked in the winston salem and greensboro North Carolina community for many years and love providing superior roofing foreman as well as general construction. It can be such a hassle to work in insurance companies in order to find the best roofing company while still staying within your budget. We pride ourselves on having the best roofers on hand and say that we provide some of the best possible roofs in the winton salem area. Not only do we do residential roofing in winton salem but also commercial roofs for all sizes of businesses. We have the small town feel with fair pricing leaving you the ability to put your mind at ease with this superior roofing winston salem.

Benefits of North Carolina Roofing

Here at Ken The Contractor we have multiple types of roofs that can be purchased for all types of buildings and desires. Since we service such a large area with multiple climates in the mix we always have all the materials in stock and ready to be put to use. That along with the best roofing staff provides us with a superior advantage to our competitors, that don’t have the same vast resources that we have.

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We encourage you to take a look at our pricing structure which outlines each service that we offer and the estimate time of completion. After that please give us a call for a custom quote on getting your roof replaced!

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